Finally Made it to Diamond Rank

Anyone who knows me or see’s me on social media will know my love of Apex Legends and my constant shout around my Apex rank each season.

I have played Apex since its release in February 2019, i started my Apex life on the xbox and we played in most ranked seasons. In one of the early seasons i got close to Diamond but missed out by a few 100 RP (should have pushed it!). Not realising it would get harder i have had a steady rank of Platinum on the xbox until i moved away from that to the PC in October 2020.

The move to the PC has been great and a good learning curve going to keyboard and mouse, i have continued on ranked and again had a steady plat finish each season. But! i have never managed to hit Diamond till today…..

i think for the last few seasons i have said it was this season i would make it, but never quite got there. But today i have finally done it and i have joined the 5.86% club!

am i a true diamond player in terms of skill? im not sure, i am your average gamer dad. But even do i feel pretty proud today of doing it