Streaming, Twitch, YouTube and Subscriptions

Hey Guys!

For a while now I have been thinking heavily about my stream, the platform and the consistancy. We have all been here right?

I have been on twitch since mixer closed down, I loved mixer but I wasn’t a big streamer on it. I had steady growth on it and things like the hyperzone really helped to bring new people to my stream and new followers.

On the move to twitch it I started to take streaming more seriously, the things I used to stream (move to PC, stream room, better overlays etc) and really wanted to improve my gaming ability. Those things which I had control over I have done (I feel) but its not been as fruitful as I had hoped.

Twitch is a tuff platform to grow on, its highly saturated and to get found on there you have push your stream on any other platform you use (twitter, Instagram, tiktok, YouTube, to name but a few). This is fine but the effort this takes to get even small growth is massive (yes I know its not supposed to be easy) and when you combine that with your normal life of work and family this can become an almost impossible task!

I have made the decision to move over to YouTube as my stream platform going forward. There were a few reasons for this, YouTube provides ways to grow naturally just down to the content you put on there. Things like YouTube shorts allow your content to get out to more people which has been brilliant for my growth on it, the other is that its my go to for allot of my other content (I spend more time on it which means I put more effort into it than I do with Twitch)

Because of this move I would like to firstly thank everyone who has subscribed to me on twitch over the time I have been on it, just having 1 subscriber blew my mind but to have people doing this regularly was honestly humbling! But! I would like you to cancel the reoccurring so that you don’t spend on it again.

At the moment I cant monetarize YouTube until I grow some more, so I have thought of another way for people to support me if that want to going forward. You can now subscribe to me directly from here! I have set this as half (or less) the price of twitch which means it’s a saving for you but nearly all the same benefit to me. I also want to give something back for that (as I cant do emotes etc) so I will be something for all the subscribers each month, every subscriber will be:

* Added to the subscribers list on the front page of the web site (your image, info and links will all be visible)
* Added to the Live wall so people can see when you go live on twitch (if you are on it)!
* Entered into the monthly Subscriber give away (for subscribers only!)

The subscription is re-occurring but you can cancel at any time! As my subs grow so will the size of the give-away’s as i put everything that is given to me back into the streams and content.

I love all the support I get from you all and subscribing isn’t a must from anyone!

I want to thank everyone again who has and still supports me and I am looking forward to a new journey on YouTube with my streams and content!

Love you all ?