Another month passes

Another month of creating has passed, this month has been a bit different from me for a few reasons. I haven’t streamed as much this month, not because I don’t enjoy it (I do) but I have put more of my focus on better content, more platforms and improving my game play in Apex Legends.

For me it has felt successful, i have increased my tiktok following and uploaded almost daily to this, increased my YT subscriptions and again uploaded regular to it. The interactions i have had as well have been really positive which is not always the case on YT, there will always be the critical ones but im a big boy and can take that now :). My game play has also improved in apex, my kpd has gone up and my average damage per game. I did hit the rank level i wanted but some of that was down to game time, this month im going big on it!

So to round of a really good month here is my July recap in 7+ minutes!