See the Best!

One thing that frustrates me is that I miss so many good streamers when they are live, people I follow and talk to daily. I get disappointed in myself as I feel I have missed an opportunity to see a great stream, chat to a friend and provide support for someone I have a great connection with.

I want to change that!

I have created a new page called ‘My Twitch Wall’ and I have picked 14 of my favourite streamer friends to start with who have been added the wall.

The twitch wall shows all of these amazing people, you can see if they are live and watch them direct from from the site. If multiple are live you can switch who you are watching (give them a follow if you are not already). And if you want to watch all of them you can always jump into twitch and watch them directly.

If one of the streamers are live it will Feature one at the top as you open the page so you can enjoy the fun as soon as you load in.

Yes i realise i have more than 14 amazing streamer friends and i plan to keep adding new people as the days / weeks / months go on but i wanted to share these amazing people first (Sorry that doesnt mean your not amazing as well!!)

I hope you enjoy this feature i have added, im always trying to add new things that i feel would bring benefit to people who check my site out. If you have any other ideas you would like me to show please drop me a message and let me know

You can find the wall in the menu or here