Week 50 Clips + Big thank you

Its that time of the week where i put all my clips together from the previous week, mainly made up of me shooting people in Apex.

This week though is slightly different, i had an amazing week streaming last week and this was due to the awesome support i have been lucky to get from our community.

I hope you enjoy the video and please also check out these great people who made last week so good!

@ClanNausGaming – https://t.co/3HGSYoyFty?amp=1

@CamChapper – https://t.co/q4fXKG17ud?amp=1

@ScottF9 – https://t.co/pZv6DVmhsr?amp=1

@GamesWithJames1 – https://t.co/eJTU1mX8QO?amp=1